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When you are moving home or office space it is always a good a idea to find a reputable professional furniture mover Cape town company. There are a number of different reasons why you should rather have the professional movers move and transport your furniture to the new premises. First and foremost professional furniture movers Cape town guarantee a smooth stress free move, supplying all packaging materials under one roof for your convenience. Usually one would find themselves running around trying to find the packaging to protect your furniture and other goods, and this can become a tedious task however as mentioned it doesn’t have to be. The lifting, shifting, picking up that is involved in the process of loading goods and items is hard labor and strenuous on the body, and therefore best left to professional staff that are use to this type of hard labor. The professional movers are equipped with the strength for heavy moving and lifting, and exercise this with caution. Furniture movers Cape town the Goafer have the correct transportation to move your furniture and goods safely and efficiently. We all know that in the hope to save costs we tend to want to hire a smaller bakkie that belongs to a friend or someone else in the hopes to get the job done more cost affectively. The problem with hiring or borrowing a bakkie is that it most likely will be necessary for you to make a numerous amount of trips as it does not have the capacity to hold or carry the load you would need it to. Another problem with hiring or borrowing a bakkie would be that you would have to do the loading and un loading yourself which is not ideal. Furniture movers Cape town the Goafer has proper covered transportation that keep all items safe and protected. For your peace of mind we also offer insurance for the  items we are moving. We can also organize storage facility and transporting of your goods to such a facility if need be. disassembling and reassembling of furniture are also one of the hassles you could find yourself challenged with and really the last challenge you should have to face during the chaos a move can bring. Have a reliable and professional service of furniture movers Cape town the Goafer take the stress out of moving furniture and other goods at affordable rates and the best quality service one could seek.

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