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Furniture movers cape town

Recently I have had to overcome many challenges that I was faced with during a big move to new premises. The excitement of finally having found the perfect place had me on cloud nine, the struggle to find something so perfect was just my luck with the convenience of being 7 minutes away from work. […]

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Furniture removals Cape Town

Relocating homes or offices do not have to be a stressful procedure when you have removal companies like Goafer furniture Removals in Cape town who provide quality service to cater for all clients needs. We take away the painful process of the ‘big move ‘ Eliminating the toll it takes not only on one’s body […]

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Moving in Cape Town Made Easy

Moving, as all know, is a tedious process that requires a tremendous amount of planning, effort, money and emotional stability. Moving can really take a toll on people’s mental well-being by causing stress, irritability, distractions that may cause people to forget or lose things while in the process of moving. So it is of outmost […]

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